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"...romance that crackles with erotic tension...Dangelico's debut romance hums along at a brisk pace thanks to a pair of engaging leads and a well-drawn cast of supporting characters." -Kirkus Reviews   

Four Stars  Hot   


"Sexy, intriguing, suspenseful and heartwarming, A Million Different Ways will grab hold of readers' emotions and leave them wanting more. Sebastian is a broody, swoon-worthy alpha male, and Vera is a beautiful, courageous heroine. These two characters will pull at your heartstrings in this emotional and dangerous tale." -RT Book 




Set against the elegant backdrop of Geneva, Switzerland, Vera Sava escapes a scandal that threatens to land her in prison for embezzlement, and drops her on the doorsteps of wealthy American financier, Sebastian Horn. As their worlds collide, their attraction for each other sets them on a dangerous course that could ruin them both.


She thought her life fell apart when she found her father hanging from the exposed pipes in his office. That was only the beginning. Six long years later, hiding in shadows and fake identities have taken a toll on her. But she has to keep moving. She doesn’t know what lengths the Albanian authorities will go to to find her. Homeless and practically destitute after her Swiss visa expires, the only employment she can find is working as a housekeeper on a country estate. 



Sebastian may be the heir to a legendary banking fortune, and currently the most eligible bachelor in the western hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t wrestling with his own demons. After having lost his beautiful, young wife in a terrible car accident, he’s pretty much decided that life is best lived under the comforting influence of booze and pills. As a matter of fact, he’s almost relieved when he discovers that someone is trying to kill him.






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