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"This is going on my list of best books of 2018! P. Dangelico NAILED it. A strong heroine, a down-to-earth hero, I could read it again!" Bestselling Author, Stacey Lynn

"Baby Maker is fun and sexy with an abundance of heartfelt romance, witty dialogue and memorable characters, and it shouldn't be missed." Mary Dubé, USA Today HEA

"What a damn good romance this was! So sweet. So sexy. So entertaining. I don't remember taking my eyes off of the pages even for a second. BABY MAKER will charm the pants off of every romance reader that comes in contact! I guarantee it!" Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads 

"Let me tell you that this is an AMAZING 6 star story." TDC Book Reviews.

"This book is the kind that can have you thinking about it days after you've finished reading it. A fantastic slow-burn kind of romance with two main characters that are impossible not to love." Nerdy, Dirty, and Flirty

"This book is absolutely fantastic! It is the first time I have read a book written by P. Dangelico, but it certainly will not be my last!" I Love HEA Romance Book Reviews. 

"This is my first read from P. Dangelico and it certainly will not be my last! Baby Maker is simply AMAZING! From the first sentence to the end." Everything Marie 



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