2020 Release Date TBA

He plays by the rules. 

Jeff Garner is a planner. He planned on graduating at the top of his class at Harvard Law and he did that. He planned on becoming the best criminal defense attorney in the State of California and he did that too. Now Jeff has new plan. Go back to New York, find a woman worthy to bear his children, and settle down. Maybe even get a dog. All he has to do is wrap up the pro bono case his firm dumped on his lap last minute.

She lives to break them.

Mickey Erickson has never met a cause she didn't love fighting for. But when her parents suddenly disappear, leaving behind her five young siblings…and a thriving marijuana growing business, she has no choice but to move back home. Now the State of California wants to take them away, and Mickey is not going down without a fight. All she has to do is convince the slacker lawyer assigned to her case that she’s worth the effort.

It may just be love at first fight.

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