2021 Release Date TBA
Note to self: stay away from advanced technology if you're too stupid to figure out how to use it properly. And never EVER use AirDrop again!!!

Valentine Adams is living the dream. Music is finally paying the bills. She’s on tour as a back up singer with the biggest country western star in the country. And she’s dating someone who understands her aspirations of becoming a songwriter.
So what if she’s losing her voice. 
So what if the aforementioned star happens to be the biggest jerk in the business. 
And so what if the man she’s dating may or may not be dating two other people.
Val is indeed living the dream. Until an inappropriate selfie gets accidentally AirDropped to the wrong person.
Who the heck is Cowpoke69? 


Levi West may be the biggest star in country western music but that doesn’t mean he’s a happy camper. All he’s ever wanted is to sing for a living and meet a nice girl to settle down with. Both of which are proving harder than he ever imagined.
Until a naughty selfie gets AirDropped to his phone.
Now all he has to do is convince the woman who sent it that he’s not the jerk she thinks he is.

He’s a hardened cynic, she’s an eternal optimist––one embarrassing moment may prove to be the game changer.
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